Welcome to Platt and Janice Beltz's opportunity to add to all of the internet clutter. There are cars, motorcycles and some travel information but there are no viral videos or social
media links.
Soooooooooooo, our web site shows what can happen when you have a PC, digital camera, access to the internet ..... and too much time on your hands!

You must have too much time on your hands too!
Click a menu button at the top of the page or a picture below and enjoy the stuff. Yeah, we have "stuff"!!!!
Europe Travel
Dodge Charger  
Motorcycle stuff
Bonus Stuff: Some father and daughter bonding
time in a F4 Phantom cockpit.

Let's see .... Missiles .... Check.  Guns .... Check.  
8-track player .... Check!
Japan Travel stuff
Dodge Dakota
R/T stuff
Carroll Shelby