Edelweiss says it's the "Best ride there is!" and they're right. The ride is excellent, the accomodations are first rate. They carry your luggage from hotel to hotel so all you have to do is
RIDE. They give you a choice of two different routes depending on how skilled you are. We rode through parts of Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Europe is motorcycle heaven with all of the different brands and styles (and lots of scooters). Here in the 'States we're basically on sport bikes or cruisers. They also dress the part; no
one rides in shorts and "T"shirts; it's leathers that match the bike .... I like it!

There is nothing like exchanging money at the border of different countries, interpreting the road signs and generally "surviving" the unknown.
Thimbles and Cane Pins make excellent
souvenirs (because they pack very small). The spectacular views and ultimate in twisty roads abound. However, don't try to ride at the pace of the locals, this is their "backyard" and they
know it well!!!!

Rules of the road: When driving on multi-lane highways (Autobahn) STAY TO THE RIGHT except when passing. It's the law! You'd be surprised how well traffic flows when there's no one
clogging up the fast lanes.

When you order water ( it only comes in bottles ) ask for it with "no gas" (I think it's called "Stilles Wasser"), if not you'll get seltzer type water. No, it isn't automatically put on the table like
it is here.

The above pictures are from a camcorder I had mounted on my handlebars. I made a 30 minute video, from all of my footage, for the other ride members. It gives you a real feel
of the roads (Oh, yeah! Hang onto your chair ... the bigger the screen the better).
This is Janice going into Italy from Austria at the Timmelsjoch
Pass. There was still snow in the mountain passes even though
it was June.
Goats in the road, Italy
Timmelsjoch, Austria
Dolomites, Italy
Border of Liechtenstein
The group.
Werner Wachter (Mr. Edelweiss!), middle picture front right, came to have dinner with us on our last night. You'll notice it looks like Marcus, our guide, (middle picture front left) is
probably glad to be rid of this group!
Alps on a Motorcycle
I can hear Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" running through my head as I start to type.

It was time for our 25th anniversary and Janice couldn't think of any place special to visit ...so I had a suggestion (that's what she get's for not speaking up immediately!).  Let's go to
Europe on a motorcycle tour with
Edelweiss Bike Travel. I had read different reviews of their tours in motor cycle magazines and this seemed looked a good time to try them out.
The Trip
Day 1: We flew into Munich and were picked up by the Edelweiss people. Picked up the bikes later that day. Check them over very well, it may save you some money later.

Day 2: Sauerlach, Germany to Sillian, Austria over the Grossglockner Pass ....Whoa, mama. We don't have roads like this in North Georgia!!!!! Jet lag is now a thing of the past!

Day 3: Rode into Italy through the Dolomites (limestone Alps) then back to Sillian. Watch for the Tour busses in the curves ... they take up their share of the road (and yours).

Day 4: Sillian to Oetz, Austria with stops at the Krimml Falls and Innsbruck. Stopped by the old "Olympic" stadium.

Day 5: Oetz to Lake Garda, Italy which took us across the Timmelsjoch Pass. This was a fantastic day. Even had goats laying in the road in Italy ... it's not something you see everyday.

Day 6: Ride around Lake Garda (while the women shopped) Got to see two tour busses wedged together in a tunnel. They had to "power" past each other to (which removed the driver's
mirrors) to get traffic flowing again. A lot of windsurfers here.

Day 7: Lake Garda to Pontresina, Switzerland. The hotel was opened up just for us.

Day 8: Pontresina to Warth, Austria which took us through the Julier Pass and Liechtenstein. Picked up a T-shirt at the Harley shop in Feldkirch, Austria. The hotel in Warth had a carved
wooden ceiling, they saved the best for last! At night you could hear the cow bells out in the distance.

Day 9: Warth to Sauerlach and our final dinner together. We can't believe how fast the time has passed.

Day 10: Fly me home, Delta .... I think I have had enough motorcycling for a while!

All Motorcyclists owe themselves a trip like this.