"The Beast" on the NASCAR track at Rockingham, NC during a
Mopar Muscle Club meet. The "Ram Air" is open, sucking in small cars
and children. For those wondering, I was only doing 70-75 mph. I didn't
want to add my paint to the stripes on the walls!

It has even placed second, twice, in the '71-'74 "B" bodies class at the Mopar
Oh, it was driven, not trailered. After all that's where the fun is with these cars.
1971 Dodge Charger R/T standard equipment.
440 Magnum, 370 HP                                       Torqueflite automatic
Bucket seats                                                      Extra heavy duty suspension

Optional equipment on "The Beast"
Six Pack (3- 2 barrel carbs): The last year multi-carbs were available from the factory: Yes it gets bad gas mileage, but hey when all 3 carbs are open ...... WHO CARES!

Ramcharger hood:
The ram air hood opens with a flip of the vacuum switch, then you to remove the VW bugs that were "inhaled" into the air cleaner.

3.23 limited slip 8 3/4 rear end:
This car was made for the open road, the 3.23 gears allow it to live in that zone.

15" Rallye Wheels: (replaced with 255/55-17 Nitto NT555-G2 on Bandit aluminum wheels. The 15's are in storage)
It's amazing that when G60-15s (approx. 235/60-15) bias ply were the baddest tires available that these cars could run 13 second quarter miles. Now its got 245/60-15 B.F. Goodrich

AM/FM/Cassette Player/Recorder:
What no 8-track? Nope, in '71 you could get a cassette unit that allowed you to record from the radio or optional microphone. In case there was a "disco" song you wanted to record.

This is when spoilers were put on real muscle cars ..... not "wanna be"s.

They had to have somewhere to mount the cassette unit.

Exhaust tips:
I still think the '70-74 tips are some of the best looking exhaust tips ever put on a car.

Rear window defogger:
Pulls air in through a speaker grill to a two speed blower motor. It's amazing what comes out of the rear window vent when the defogger hasn't been used in a while.

"Parts, 'ya gotta have ... parts ......"
Over the years I've been able to pick up some of the "just in case" parts.  Along the way I also picked up a set of '71 R/T louvered doors and the VIN number is 39 units different from
mine. They may have been made on the same day! Well, I found that ironic.
"The BEAST", another performance TOY from DODGE!
440 cid, Six Pack, with ATTITUDE, from the time when cubic inches ruled America's roads. This is a 1971 Dodge Charger R/T, it's the last year that the early
generation of Charger R/Ts were made. Depending on the web site you read the production figures will vary so I show the mid range number of
2743 sold in the US. We bought
this car new in 1971.  How many are left???

If you read car magazines you would think that there were no performance cars made after 1970. I, of course, have to disagree. The 440s only lost 5 HP over 1970 (which was
easily regained by carb rejetting and a distributor re-curve) and the Hemi didn't loose any HP.

Start the engine and listen to the MUSIC; the sound of the engine and the booming of the exhaust. If that doesn't get your heart started then you're probably already dead.

There are newer cars that are faster, but none (except maybe the VIPER) has the "presence" of the old muscle cars. It gets out virtually every weekend now but only has less t
100K miles after all these years. After all how much "presence" can polite society stand?

Hey, you can actually see the engine! I think the 440 SIX PACK air cleaner is bigger than some 4 cylinder motors I have seen..

R/T stands for "Road/Track" but Janice says it really means "
Removes Tread"!
Yes, this the original
Re-painted by Tim
Hughes, Charlotte, NC.
Trophies from the Nationals
... and if having its own web page
isn't enough ....
The "Press Release" for 1971 Chargers
Paint colors
Motor Trend 1971 Charger
The original temporary Plate!
Now it looses its rookie status.
1971 Dodge Charger R/T
This is what multiple
carbs looks like (Six
Pack, 3-2 bbls).
Probably something
you may never see
The air box, on the
bottom of the
hood, closes over
the air cleaner.
Engine ready to
go out and play.
Gas mileage is
NOT an issue.
A day at the park ...
Cassette player/recorder and
microphone. Yes, this was an option.
Destroying the
myth that all
interiors were
black, blue, white or
green in the 60s
and early 70s.
Deals Gaps ("The Dragon") US 129: 318 curves in 11 miles. This road is
not just for two wheels (although that's the predominate vehicle for doing this
road) here's the Charger earning it's "Dragon" sticker. I put
Hellwig sway bars
on front and rear to help it go around corners. Putting in
quick ratio steering
hardware and
QA1 upper control arms really improves it's road manners on
winding roads. And ... to get it to stop on a dime I put on
Hydratech brake
! They use power steering for the brake pressure; you can lock up the
discs at 65 mph!!!! The wheels and tires have also been upgraded to 255/55-17
Nitto NT555-G2;
it's now a 4000 lb slot car.
Going through Deals Gap (AKA "The Dragon"). 318 curves
in 11 miles, earning its Dragon sticker for the rear window
and enjoying the fall colors.
Picture taken by US 129 Photos.