Carroll Shelby is my HERO and has been since I became aware of a little sports car called the "Cobra" back in the early 60s. I saw my first Cobra (AC Bristol body) while I was in high school
in Delaware and I was hooked.

This probably surprises you because of the Dodges on this website. You can thank a Ford dealer In Oklahoma City for turning me off of Fords and on to Mopars; but that another story!

The first car I really wanted, however,  was a
'67 GT500 but all I could afford was the "Sports Car Graphic" testing the '67 GT500 and GT350. Ironically there was a test of the original Z28 in the
same issue; all three were destined to be classics!

So, this my version of a shrine to one of the greatest names in American motor sports.
March 1967
Yeah, this is the
magazine; I can't
believe I've kept it
since 1967.
Carroll Shelby going around Riverside Int'l Raceway
This record came in an AMT model of a
GT500 I bought back in 1968. It has Carroll
Shelby driving (and narrating) a GT500
around Riverside International Raceway.
This was my only time in a
Cobra, well, it was a "kit car".
But what a rush, even with a
351 Cleveland motor.
Carroll Shelby was also involved with children who need financial help because of organ, heart or tissue problems.
This is one glass of a set of 4 Cobra Pilsner glasses I bought in 1968 while I was stationed
in Mississippi. The amazing thing is they have all survived the shippers (and a duffel bag trip
to Alaska) over the years with no ill effects.

Notice that it has been signed by Carroll Shelby! Since he has passed, this makes it even
more special.
Signed by
Carroll Shelby, Mr. Cobra!
1968 Shelby GT 350/500 Brochure
Donated to the "Shelby Shrine" by Ken
Carroll Shelby and his team even had their hands in on the Ford GT40
(one of the most beautiful cars ever made....yeah, that's right EVER!!!)
in Ford's on going battle with Ferrari. Which culminated in a 1-2-3 finish
at LeMans in 1966; of course the winning didn't stop there.