Options on our Dakota R/T (some are part of other packages)

Air conditioning: Hey, we deserve some comfort.

Electronic overhead console: The temperature reading is so I can see WHY the A/C is on.
The compass shows me I'm heading in the WRONG direction. And I don't care about the MPG shows.

AM/FM/Cassette/CD: When they put cassette players in cars so you could play your ABBA tapes!

Steering wheel radio controls: What, I have to reach 1 foot to change the volume?

Cruise control: It's too easy to ..... well ...... exceed posted limits ......

Heavy duty service group: Coolers for all for the working "Body Parts".

Power windows and locks: Once you have had them you'll never go back.
... just before it strikes ....
I think that once you've had a pickup truck, you'll always have a pickup ....... especially if they're this much FUN! And to think I was looking for a Dakota SLT.
The license plate says it's not a regular
I hear a whistle. You must have an air leak!
The S/C hides so well
under the hood.
...the 1999 Dakota R/T...... gets SUPERCHARGED!
9 going on 10 #s. Yee Haw!!!!
Removing Tread
400 rear wheel HP
444 rear wheel torque
And the Dyno says ....
Dyno runs
Basically they took a Dakota Sport, lowered it and put on a heavy duty suspension. But that's not enough, sayeth the engineers, baby must have new shoes, so on when 17" rims with a set of
255/55-17 tires.

Good start, they thought, now lets give it an attitude: so they dropped in a 5.9 liter (360 cid) motor with 250 HP and 345 ft/lb torque. And to get things going they tied this together with a AOD
automatic and 3:92 posi rear end. Yep, removes tread like a good R/T should and it's a blast on curvy roads!

Then I decided to make the R/T even more "playful" so I added a few "enhancements" (listed below).

OK, now its time to really "Rock and Roll"!!!!

To make the whole package come together I put on a VORTECH supercharger. The Vortech set up is great, it comes with everything, including the ignition system with ignition retard. If you
don't have ignition/boost retard adjustment, the pre-ignition will blow head gaskets! It delivered full 8# of boost out of the box with no "tweeking" (although I have added a 10# pulley). All you
hear is a little whistle from the supercharger at idle. Unfortunately Vortech doesn't make a kit for the Dakota R/Ts anymore; you will have to go with Paxton

OK, the only problem is TRACTION! Even at 20-25 mph, full throttle would break traction like you are sitting in water with the stock Goodyear RSAs (
Really Spins A lot?). I replaced the
Goodyears with NITTO 450 Extreme 275/50-17 to finally get
SOME traction.

As with anything, more power means more problems. The suspension, which worked fine with the stock power, starts "wheel hopping"; ah, the dreaded axle wrap. Luckily, Roadmaster active
suspension took care of that without needing traction bars. OK, the rear suspension is now stiffer, but well worth it for the gain in traction!

over 12 years the Vortech Supercharger is flawless. Would I do it again? Yes, only MUCH SOONER. And I still have the original head gaskets!

ALCOHOL INJECTION: When I went to a 10# pulley I could tell which stations have good gas and which have "muddy water" with the supercharger. Let's see .... the pump says 93 octane ....
but that must have been in someone's dream. So, instead of looking for a can of octane booster I put on an Alcohol injection setup; you can adjust the trigger point and amount of alcohol
needed from controls INSIDE the truck. It's slick! I can run less ignition retarding under boost .... which means more horsepower! I have absolutely NO pinging under boost in 95 degree + Texas
summer days.
I got your
Injection parts
The alcohol bottle mounted beside the radiator.
Alcohol sprays in here.
Controller to set alcohol trigger point and amount.
So what parts are in the truck?
MOPAR M1 intake (2 BBL)                         Magnaflow 3" Input/output Muffler (5x11X22)                
Car Sounds CAT                                        Alcohol injection
Vortech Supercharger (10 # boost)           Mopar Headers
Split Second Auxiliary Injector controller (to adjust the fuel curve when under boost)
(you expected more?)                                                                            
ON THE DYNO: It has pulled 400 rear wheel hp and 444 rear wheel ft/lb torque which is almost 500 HP at the motor ... and I haven't been into the engine.
When the truck was stock it only made 195 rwhp. Now this is an increase I can live with!
Dakota R/T