Been there .... Survived that!

It's a 14 hours flight from Atlanta to Tokyo and then the culture shock begins. Being tired doesn't help .... and then tackle the train system. I now know how sardines feel.

Using the train system is pretty easy once you get a feel for how it's done. At the train station there is a large board covering a wall showing the train system with the price to each stop. Right
below the board are machines that you put your YEN in and buy your ticket.

The Japanese were great hosts and (luckily) very patient. I tried the "local cuisine" (yes, I ate the EEL) and other delicacies BUT not the squid.
Tokyo Skyline
Narita Airport
Street scenes
The cars are a lot smaller, in general, than we are used to seeing. Lots of bicycles over there. In the group I was with had bet on who was going to get hit by a bicycle first. All I can say is
it wasn't me!
The hotel room, only the necessities!
The room I stayed in was small; I guess the word would be efficient. There was only one channel in English (news) so I ended watching baseball. I could understand what was
happening there better than the regular television .... and game shows.
Visiting a temple
There is a lot of history here, so let's go see some! My company's headquarters is in Japan so we were lucky enough to have one of the employees be our guide. His son was studying
English in school, so this would be a good chance for him to use it.
My name in
Katakana basically phonetic and
(non-native) words into