Bandit Modifications
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motorcycle Link:
Ronnie Cramer's
In cold weather I run a Plexifairing windshield (pictured), then put the stock Bandit fairings back on in the summer. Guess you could tell I livee in a part of the U.S. where you can ride all
year round. Oh, but I also have
Gerbing's electric clothing, vest, gloves, and socks ... just in case.... If you want heat (I do, I do, I do!!!) then Gerbing's is the way to go!!!
My rear tire after an afternoon at the Gran Prix motorcycle track
in Talladega, Alabama!
The Dragon
If you are ever near Deals
Gap Tennessee ride "The
318 curves in 11 miles.
Yee Haw!
In "Pit Row"
No, I don't ride like this on the streets. A racetrack is where you want to
try your limits and improve your skills. I ran my Bandit as fast as my foot
pegs would let me go. (See below).
Suzuki Bandit
I ride a Suzuki Bandit, it is comfortable and nimble in the mountains. It also does not get unwanted attention from the police like sport bikes can.

Vacation hint: Go to the website
"Motorcycle roads", get out your Rand McNalley (or GPS) and plan your vacation around these roads. You won't be disappointed!
Motorcycle touring
around the world.
5 stars in my book!
Motorcycle track school at tracks around the country.
Gauges? We don't need no stinkin' gauges!
Here I am tearing up the track. Notice the duct tape on

All I needed was my GIVI luggage on those nasty looking
(naked!!) bag mounts and I'd have the ultimate "Track Tourer".

It must be hell to be passed by someone with all that luggage
mounting hardware!
Foot peg feelers, yeah we USED TO have those!
Pulling away from a GSXR600
"Hammering" out of a corner and onto the
front straight. Take that you GSXRs!
When was the last time you went out
just to see where the road goes?
Motorcycle Stuff
Let's Go Racing!
MC Weblinks
Dress for the crash!

OK, so you already know that motorcycles are dangerous .... parents, friends and total strangers tell us this all of
the time.

If the time for hitting the tarmac ever occurs you really want to have protective gear on. Bare skin sliding across
asphalt is like running your body over a giant cheese grater.  Skin will be removed AND a lot of pain will follow.

My summer riding gear: Helmet, vented jacket, gloves, shorts with impact padding, knee armor, riding pants and

For cold weather add in an Aerostich jacket and Gerbing electric stuff (yeah, the "stuff" above) .... heat is my friend.

Gus, the cat, isn't road kill; he's checking out the smell of dead bugs from the last ride. Mmmmmm .... bugs!
Some of my ill spent "formative years" when I had the Bandit 1200!
Janice's Bandit 600 summer look.
Now, the winter look.
On the Blue Ridge Parkway
with my 1200 Bandit.

120 HP and 80 LB/FT torque
will pull you up just about any
They have you tape over your speedometer because you
really don't want to know!