Day 5: To Hel(en) Back

The sky is starting to becoming overcast; they're calling for a 20% chance of rain today. The good weather has been with us since Monday so we sure can't complain.

We see the state border signs for NC, SC, GA, sometimes several times today. Kind of like being in "Groundhog Day"; weren't we just here???? We've also noticed that our bladders aren't
as road worthy as our butts; it was just the opposite several days ago.

When we get to Helen and pull into the parking spot at the hotel several drops of rain start appearing on the windshields and pavement; our timing is everything. Actually that was all the
rain we saw for the rest of the day but we're ready to get off the bikes.

That night the trip ended by walking into Helen and having a couple Warsteiner Dark beers with dinner and just watching the Chattahoochee River do its thing (whatever thing rivers do).  
As we discuss the trip we realize how the days flow into each other; was it only Sunday we started riding? Seems like we had been riding for at least two weeks!