ROAD TRIP!!!!!! These are probably two of the best words in a guy’s vocabulary along with “more beer” and “pizza’s here” (OK, there are more but this is a family oriented website).

It all started when fellow motorcyclist Duane Parks and I decided that Texas roads were a little on the flat side. We needed some curves with 3 dimensions but like the curse states:
careful what you ask for”

So the planning for the trip began along with a little help from the Garmin GPS software; OK, so a lot of help.
  • Game plan: Ride curvy road
  • Strategy: Find curvy roads
  • Execution: Stay ON the curvy roads!
  • AND there will be NO crying for your Mama!

The NC, TN, GA mountains seemed like a great place to start; Duane was from Tennessee and I can almost spell it. I used to live in the Charlotte, NC area and rode some of these roads
many years ago so it was going to be like a home coming .... of sorts. We will get to see if we remember how to go around a corner!

Using the Garmin GPS software I plotted routes for each day and a little ride after getting to the hotel (if there was enough time left).Picking the routes also helped define which towns we
stayed in; finding a hotel in those towns was another issue. My Zumo 550 is about to be put to the test!

Route plotted, checklist made and re-checked, bikes serviced …. We’re ready to go. Now if we could get U-haul to find the size trailer we reserved 6 weeks earlier, but that’s another story
(with U-haul there's always another story).

Load ‘em up and tie ‘em down; 850 miles later we arrive in Chattanooga, TN and leave the RAV4 and trailer in
Thrifty Car Rental's long term parking lot. This really made a good starting
and ending point.
  • BTW there is nothing more entertaining (on a long trip it doesn't take much to be entertaining!) than hearing the GPS say "Turn right in 123 miles"

Here are our routes through the mountains by the different days.
Motorcycle Road Trip