Day 4: Where's Waldo?
(Wednesday) Little Switzerland, NC to Brevard, NC
Now we are at the point where we don't know what day of the week it is, just where we are heading that day. This is going to be a high mileage day. OK for the iron butt people, no; but
Sorry Texas Hill Country, these roads are a lot more work, but in a good way! And they also have these tall green things, I think they call them

With the curvy roads leading us through places like Lake Lure, Bat Cave and Caesars Head plus perfect riding weather; how could it get any better.  After we check in to the hotel it's
back to the Blue Ridge Parkway; we just can't get enough of the scenery. It's also amazing (not really but just added for emphasis) how much cooler it is at 5000 - 6000 feet than at 2000
feet, but that's what electric grips are for!

Again we've noticed that there seems to be an over-abundance of 25 and 35 MPH corners in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so if you think you are missing any around your neighborhood I
know where to find them!