One of the many mountain passes in the Alps.
As you can see, the clouds were low that day.
This was on the first day and our "body clocks"
were adjusted after this! What jet lag????
Timmelsjoch Pass:

We were heading from Otzal,
Austria to Lake Garda, Italy. Not
too far up the road was a cafe at
the Austrian/Italian border with a
co-ed restroom .... We're here for
the experience! They had great
coffee and strudel!
Krimmler Falls:

In the Alps to the
East of Innsbruck.
The walk to to
bottom was easier
than the hike back
up. Go figure.
Felbertauern Tunnel:

We were heading from Sillian
to Innsbruck and went through
this LONG tunnel. There was a
trough with spring water
coming out at the left-hand
side of the picture. This was a
great place to stop and enjoy
the view.

Winter Olympics were held
here twice. When you see
the surrounding mountains,
they couldn't have picked a
better place.

A little town West of
Innsbruck where we
spent a night.
We needed the rest
before tackling the
Timmelsjoch on

We spent several days here with a trip into

We had lunch at a cafe downtown and
watched hang-gliders circling the town.

Everytime you watch sking on television they talk
about Kitzbuhl. Since we were passing by we just had
to stop in and play tourist.

Things are done a little different here. While we were
having lunch, at an indoor restaurant, the waitress
brought a bowl of water for the dog at the table next
to ours. This is something I won't see here in the U.S.
When we first drove into Austria I was ready to move here. What's not to like? The scenery was great, people friendly, and the food was teriffic!