Just a quick trip to the Netherlands, the pictures don't do it any justice. Yes, it was flat .... South Texas flat .... but, without the mesquite bushes, but they did have cows!
Where have I seen this GPS before???? Oh, yeah,
every time I get on my motorcycle.
Garmin, I love my Zumo!!!!!
It was a Sunday AM so there wasn't a lot of traffic. This was probably a
good thing since I had just got off a non-stop flight from Houston.
COWS! Now we're talking something a
Texas boy understands.
This is what a typical back road would look
This was taken at a museum in Arnhem. It's a Russian
T34 with German markings (something that actually
would have happened with captured armor).

Since they made over 55,000 T34s in WWII, I'm sure
there was a better chance of finding one of them instead
of a Panzer Mk IV.
Imagine this, they actually have water
around the Netherlands!