Rothenburg is an old walled city with cobblestone streets, lots of clock towers and horse drawn wagons. It's very "touristy" with lots of shops and restaurants, I like it!

The hotel (
Gerberhaus) was very home like with books and plants all over the room. They have a patio, behind the hotel, that gives you a great place to make notes about the day and
have a beer.

Walk the wall around the city; you get a great view of the city itself and the countryside. There are plaques dedicated to people from around the world who have contributed to the city's
restoration. See the Crime and Punishment museum (guy thing).
Wurzburg::Residenz palace. We flew into Frankfurt then drove to Wurzburg to see this. Unfortunately the tours were only in German, at that time, but they had
books about the palace in English.

"Impressive" is the only way to describe the baroque interior. The ceilings are covered with extravagent paintings and figures that blend together.
Ah, a trip to the land of bratwurst, brochen,  wienerschnitzel, and beer. Our favorite part is Bavaria and the Black Forest; actually Koblenz and south.

This page shows some of the towns along the "Romantic Road", the green menus access other pages on Germany.
Although you can't really tell from the
picture, there is BEER in this machine.
Outside Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
This is the interior of St. Georges church. They even have the body of a
first century saint on display.
We tried the "local" beers at dinner
every night. We don't normally drink,
but since we're here......
After Wurzburg we drove the "Romantic Road" to Rothenburg. You go through some great little villages going down this road winding
through gorgeous rolling hills, this was one of them.

This is a small church with manicured grounds. There is a "war memorial" column outside the church which shows the names of those who
died in the Second World War. It shows the personal side of their losses; nobody really wins.

There is a beautiful wood alter carving inside by an artist named Tilman  Riemenschneider (1460-1531). He has another carving in
Fingerhut Museum:

That means "thimble" in German. It's a museum that has thimbles that go back several thousand
years. Not normally a "guy thing" but since I appreciate history ...
So, what is on that menu?
Some of the palatial gardens. The maintenance on this place must be tremendous.
This is a walled city like Rothenburg but not as big or touristy. It escaped WW2 without any damage, which can't be said of many towns in Germany.
Fussen is at the southern end of the Romantic Road. The castles (actually "palaces") of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are just a couple of miles from here. Linderhof isn't too
far from here either.
Something you don't see much of in the streets. We saw these
actors rehearsing earlier in the park close by.  Seeing them in
costume was a real treat.
This is Fussen as the sun goes down. There is a river running through the middle that is green from the melted snow coming from the