OK, so we spent more time In Germany than in the other countries. Why not, it's beautiful and the people are friendly!
Bad Wiessee:

This is a German's "tourist" town; we really had to work on communication here. The town was beautiful AND the local beer was very good. There's a nice path around the lake and past a little
farm that makes for a very nice evening walk. Just don't feed the ducks no matter how much they say it's OK (ducks have been known to lie!).
Something you never see in the 'States. A SMART car
and a Porche. One probably had 280 HP, the other one

In Western Germany at the border of Luxembourg, it's the oldest city in Germany. Sites to see: Porta Nigra, Dom, Basilica (Constantine the Great's throne
room), Roman Baths.

Streets were one lane wide ... but were two way!

This fortress next to the hotel was turned into a museum. They even had a Greek helmet from 500 BC (cool!)
This is the "Porta Nigra" which was one of the gates to Trier erected by the Romans. Towards the end of the Roman Empire, Trier was one of its capitals. A large cache of gold coins
from this period was found not far from here and are on display in a museum in Trier.
The view from our hotel room
This little town is in southern Germany on the northern side of Lake Konstanz. It has one of the best armor displays in its castle; it's well worth the visit.
GERMANY .... Part 2