These are the limestone Alps not too far from Cortina and the views are spectacular.
"Spectacular" seems to be the catch phrase for anything in the Alps.
Paso Mendola

On our way to Lake Garda we wound through the Alps and ended up in this
nice little village. The road from Austria to Paso Mendola is a motorcyclist or
sports car owner's dream.
Wind surfers

We stopped here for lunch. Just a nice little town with a
river running through it.
Lake Garda

We spent several days here, they call it the "windsurfing capital of the world". I don't know about that but during
the day the number of windsurfers was incredible. At night with out the heating of the sun the winds go away.
We have only been to northern Italy .... for now. The roads are "entertaining" and what can you say about REAL Italian food.