Cool Castles....Rule #1: Get there early to avoid the crowds!

Not a real castle, it's a palace, but cool anyhow! King Ludwig at his best! If this looks like something you would see at Disneyland, that's where Walt Disney got
the idea. Ludwig loved to spend money to impress his visitors. Money was no object and it showed.
This is what I wanted to see, yeah it's a guy thing. The little towns are nice BUT give me some armor, edged weapons and battlements ..... and I'm there!
Burg Rheinfels:

This was the biggest castle on the Rhein before being destroyed by the French.

Bring a flash light because there are places of interest in the castle that you can only get to by using the flashlight. See it!!!! It's worth the visit.
Burg Eltz:

The location alone is worth the trip, the castle just makes it better. Let's see .... our last name is BELTZ I see a connection? OK, only in my

If you can get enough people together they will do an English speaking tour. The tour is great because this is a "working" castle and not one of the
"fantasy" castles like Neuschwanstein.
A view from the ramparts of Burg Rheinfels
overlooking the Rhein River.
Click on the pictures for larger image
Cochem Castle:

A little west of Koblenz on the Mosel River. We happened to be here on one of the many German holidays and the number of
motorcycles, in Cochem,  was incredible.

This was King Ludwig's favorite palace, it's not as big as I had imagined on the outside. Inside is another story. The opulence of this place
is overwhelming. Again, money was no object.

They allow you to take pictures inside, without flashes, but no video.
Our first view was through the mist right after a rainy night. To describe the view as something out of a "fairy
tale" would be a real understatement. It was what you hope all castles would look like.